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Berat Festival 2017

Multicultural Berat Festival 2017

For the fourth year there is organised the Multicultural Berat Festival 2017. Through dozens of activities there is promoted the best of Berat heritage, culture, art and nature. Berat is one of the exceptional cities that belong to the early humankind history.That city, result of a refined fantasy, attracted poets and painters to write and paint. Cities like Berat do not have a simple genesis.
Visit the enchanting city of Berat and experience some of the city’s most beautiful attractions!
Berat facts!
1. Berat is called the city of “one-above the other” windows and you can see it yourself if you look at the Mangalem neighborhood from the Gorica hills.
2. How the famous iconography painter Onufri of Berat, created the “Onufri Red” shade or why he used it as his signature mark, is still considered one of the mysteries of byzantine art.
3. Berat is famous for its fleshy and tasteful olives. Make sure you try some!
4. Berat is known for promoting peaceful religious coexistence. It is one of the rarest cities that holds several churches, mosques and tekkes next to each other.
5. Berat is home to the Purple and Gold Codexes, considered as two of the best preserved written documents of biblical literature.
6. The region of Berat stands out for the breathtaking scenery offered by the Osumi river canyons and its 8 waterfalls.