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Wine Festival 2016

Berat’s Wine Festival September 2017

Join us on Berat’s  wine festival retreat! There’s no better place than in the historical city of Berat and the beautiful Cobo winery. This is a playful fun retreat, great as a girl’s getaway, a romantic and spontaneous couples vacation, or a rejuvenating personal holiday. The retreat will consist of   lounging on retreat grounds and of course, wine and gliko. Each day we will feature a different experience of local wine and food from one of Berat’s favorite vineyards (Cobo), a taste of the local favorite dessert Gliko, visits to the city of Berat (castle, Mangalemi and museums) and a organized visit to stonemason traditional house.

Program highlights
·         Cobo Wine Festival and tasting
·         Tour of historic Berat Ethnographic museum and Medieval Center
·         Gliko Tasting
·         Visit to the stonemason house
·         Albanian/English language instructions

Wine FestivalPogram
This  wine retreat in Berat is a great opportunity for you to both experience the charming city of Berat.  However, please also remember that changes may occur in the schedule.

Saturday,  September 2017
10.00hrs: Arrival and accommodation in hotel
10.30hrs: Visit to the Ethnographic Museum and Medieval Center
13.00hrs: Local Lunch
19.00hrs: Wine Festival at Çobo Winery
·         Wine tasting accompanied with an assortment of Berat’s finest olives and cheese

Sunday, September 2017
9.30 hrs: Breakfast
10:00 hrs: Visit the qarer of Gorica and Mangalem
Visit the stonemason house in Mangalem quarter
Tasting of the delicious Gliko in the house
Picnic lunch with local products
13:00 hrs: Lunch

About the Çobo family
The Çobo family has a long tradition of wine production that dates back to the early 1900’s. When a communist government was established in Albania in 1945, this family tradition ceased to exist as private enterprises were not allowed under the new regime. Fortunately, these treasured traditions were kept alive in the stories and memories of elderly members of the Çobo family.

“My grandfather started the wine making tradition, in a village near Shpiragu Mountain. He told his son and so on until the stories reached my brother and me. During communism we had one boottle of state-produced wine in celebration of the New Year. This was always the time when my family and I remembered the wine that we once made. I was greatly affected by the stories that my father and grandfather told and the memories they shared.”

Price 80 Eur/person including all above.