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mount of Shpirag,Berat


Mali i Shiragut – previously known as “Enver Hoxha Mountain” is the little brother of well known Tomorri. “Shpiragu” is seen prominently when approaching Berat, though the gaze of the visiting tourist is usually attracted to the much more dramatic Tomori


But as so often, the best views are not to be had from the highest mountains, but from those from which the highest mountains can be seen at close range and in their full glory. We dare say that the best views of Tomorri can be seen from Shpiragut (or the road leading to Mali i Shpiragut).

Shpiragu is interesting in itself. It is not a difficult hike and absolutely worthwhile. From the distance, it appears as a mountain with stripes – many ridges leading from the main ridge to the east and the west. It is possible to pick virtually any of these, and gain the main ridge.

Views in all directions were superb. It was possible to see mountains across the border to Greece, and Dajti Mountain near Tirana and even Mali i Dejes near Burrel seemed to be within easy reach.Price 40 eur/pers

What to Expect

  • The meeting at 7.00 am at “Castle Park”Hotel,Berat
    • Minibus ride to Shpirag Mountain (about 50 min)
    • Visit to the church of “Saint Mary”
    • Visit to the church of “Saint Dellise”
    • Walking on the Shpirag Ridge
    • Picnic on the tip of Shpiragu


  1. Fantastic views of Mount Tomorr
    2. Fantastic view of the city of Berat
    If the weather is clear;
    3. Greece’s view of the border
    4. View of Dajti Mountain in Tirana
    5. View of Mount”Dejes”near Burrel

    Overlooking mount Tomori
    Overlooking mount Tomori