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Pirogoshi Cave And Tunnels exploration, Hiking and visit to Casabashi Bridge, Skrapar

Albania Rafting tour is an amazing way to explore the best places in Skrapar area.It is the largest and most interesting cave in the district of Skrapar. Its entrance is very impressive and is located near the Gradec canyon surrounded by limestone cliffs. It has a width of about 30 m, height 5 m and length belived that is around 1252 m. No one ever finished the whole trail of cave. It is believed that in this cave the Greatest King Pirro of Epir used to hide treasure that he took from the wars.



It is the largest and most interesting cave in the district of Skrapar. Its entrance is very impressive and is located near the Gradec canyon surrounded by limestone cliffs. It has a width of about 30 m, height 5 m and length 1252 m. The road inside it continues with extensions, narrowing, large halls and narrow galleries. A real underground maze! In its ceilings there are many calcite rocks such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, stone waterfalls, red cave pearls, etc. It has been visited by many foreign French and Dutch speleological groups but also by locals. Its full exploration was carried out in 1995 by the Italian speleologists of the groups “Puglia Grotte and Dauno”.

What to Expect from Pirogoshi Cave And Tunnels exploration

Starting from the town hall square in Corovode (we can pick you up at any hotel in Berat or any other city), take the dirt road that goes up the Skrapar river that crosses the town. After 1 km you will arrive at the Ottoman-era Kasabash bridge and from this you begin to admire the canyon and the river valley. To its left are the entrances to an underground warehouse from the Communist period, still used by local people as a food warehouse. Continuing and skirting the river after 1 km you pass a reconstructed path equipped with safety elements, which in fifteen minutes leads and ends straight to the cave and into the Gradeci canyon.
The cave is very interesting, its complete visit would take a couple of hours to penetrate its insidious bowels. We will wear helmets and hand lights and explore the cave as much as you can and want.

At the end of the visit to the cave on the way back to Corovode on the same road, after 2 km on the left of the road, we will visit the Pirogoshi tunnels, military shelters composed of a network of tunnels hidden in the canyon on both sides of the river. Visiting the galleries and we will return again to the Kasabashi bridge from where we will return to Skrapar City. We will enjoy a lunch with local products in a local restaurant.


Be healthy and have consulted the doctor during the year.
In absolute terms, the person should not have diseases and complications following:
Cardiac disease of any kind
Flake out or lose of feeling of any kind
Problems of the spine and muscular system that reduce the physical possibility of safety.
Problems with breathing apparatus
Nerve Problems
Problems with eyes (severe myopia, retinal detachment, glaucoma)
Be under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, drugs, alcohol.
There are no limits of age and weight for the low levels: Class II

Things you should bring on the hike

  1. Backpack.
  2. Appropriate footwear. Trekking shoes;
  3. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat;
  4. Camera;
  5. BONUS: trash bag. This seventh piece of equipment is essential to making sure the trails you love stay beautiful for generations to come. A zip lock bag is also a great option for keeping the trash you collect along the trail separate from the rest of your gear.


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The price is 50 euro/pers

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