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Castle Park has two types of accommodations; four separate, outlying lodges, or rooms within the central hotel to suit any taste.
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The Restaurant At Castle Park Characterizes The Combination Of Tradition And Hospitality Often Found In The 2400 Years Old City Of Berat.
Cobo Winery Wine festival

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Castle Park Hotel Restaurant is a hotel where you can live adventure full of emotions and adrenaline.

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Mount Tomorr is a large mountain located in modern-day southern Albania. Its highest peak, called Çuka e Partizanit, reaches a
Multicultural Berat Festival 2017
For the fourth year there is organised the Multicultural Berat Festival 2017. Through dozens of activities there is promoted the


"It was an unprecedented experience, it was not a good food, it was a wonderful food, which is what it was. It was a total experience . You are a pride of Albanian cousine. Thank you for the good work".