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Hotel Castle Park

Castle Park has two types of accommodations; four separate, outlying lodges, or rooms within the central hotel to suit any taste. All accommodations show the intricate craftsmanship that went into creating these beautiful, serene quarters. Exotic woodworking in an antique style forms a theme here, and the history of the nearby city of Berat is echoed throughout the hotel. Natural beauty complements what man has built—from the sound of songbirds and the smell of pine, to the amazing views of the sunrise over the mountain. Blended into this tranquil setting are all the modern conveniences a traveller would expect: television, air conditioning, wireless internet, and more.

Castle Park Hotel is awarded by Albania Tourism annual conference 2012 with three significant awards in the field of tourism:


The symbol of the Authentic Albania Quality Mark incorporates the aesthetic and decorative elements that have a symbolic meaning in Albanian culture.The key represents Albanian hospitality, a tradition that all Albanians are proud to call their own. To give someone the key to your house shows that you consider them a family member. This logo symbolically transmits the idea that anyone who visits Albania is welcomed and considered as a part of this nation.

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