Albania Cuisine: Cabbage stuffing

Cabbage is cooked in many ways in Albania’ cuisine, it can be eaten raw or cooked and added to a wide variety of dishes, such as soups, stews, and salad. The benefit of cabbage is that it supports healthy eyesight with high levels of beta-carotene, also the immune system with high levels of Vitamin C.

At castle park, there is one dish is cabbage stuffing, it is popular food. The main ingredients is: white cabbage, rice, minced meat, dried onions or bunch of green onions, salt, pepper mix, parsley, mint, tablespoons tomato sauce or puree, olive oil. After washing the cabbage, place the leaves in boiling salted water for a few minutes, then remove and leave them open in a pan. Finely chop the onions and then lightly fry with olive oil. Then add the minced meat, the sauce, and fry them together for a few minutes. After adding the rice, and the leaf juice, (because it adds good flavors) until the rice softens a little.

We start preparing the cabbage leaves by removing the thick stalk in the middle, then fill the leaves with a spoon full of rice, line them in a pot, pour olive oil and water over them. Place a plate on top, and cover them with a lid, boiled until they are ready, more nutritious, enjoy it. 

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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