Albania Cuisine: Japrak (Stuffed grape leaves)

The famous national Albanian cuisine, one of it is Japrak, this is a very recommended dish in Castle Park, also there is cooking class for anyone who wants to learn how to cook traditional Albania’s food.

Japrak (made from fresh grape leaves stuffed with either rice or meat), also can be stuffed with pumpkin. The main ingredients are grape leaves, uji rice, green onions, a bunch of mint, green plants if desired, sorrel, labot, salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil, butter. After we have washed the grape leaves, we put them one by one in a pot of boiling water, turn them on the other side then remove them from the pot, and place in a pan to cool. Grind the green onions together with the mint, add the wild cabbage and season them with olive oil and salt. Then add the rice, and 2-3 cloves of grape leaf juice, because it is very tasty.

When the rice is slightly softened, remove it from the heat and start filling the grape leaves using a spoon. Hold the open leaf in your hand, and put 1 tablespoon of rice and wrap it on the smooth side, because it has the most beautiful appearance. Arrange them in an open casserole dish, not deep, add grape leaf juice and 1 glass of buttermilk. Then add fresh butter and put a plate the size of a pot on top, cover with a lid until they are ready. Serve with yogurt or buttermilk, or lemon.

It is very tasty, because all the ingredients are fresh and supplied by the local farms. you can book at Castle park, or take class to learn it, enjoy it.

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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