Albania Cuisine: Traditional Porridge

Porridge is a common food in many countries, with some ingredients in meat, vegetable, rice, egg, there are many ways to cook porridge as well. For example, for meat porridge, it needs two or three hours, but for vegetables, it can only take a few minutes.

But in Albania, there is traditional porridge, very simple ingredients, the taste is different. you can try it at Castle park restaurant.

The Main ingredients are yellow flour, butter and salt, and boiled water in a pan, yellow the flour with salt to give it a baking aroma, but not to fry it, while in a kettle we have boiled about 1 liter of water. We mix the boiled water little by little, with the flour, until it is all wet the moment that is not left with dry swallow we do not mix with water. Now we just stir it with a wooden spoon, pressing it so that it does not become clumpy. We continue like this until the pan is washed and does not stick to itself. Remove it from the heat when it is hot. We serve it in a bowl. why not try it!

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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