Authentic Albanian Food

“Tradition” at Hotel Castle Park Berat is one of the main pillars of our business that we hold to strongly. Tradition is especially rooted in the food served at our restaurant thus preserving recipes handed down from our grandmothers to our mothers to be enjoyed by visitors from around the world. These recipes reflect the different provinces of Albania with their own unique dishes for our guests enjoy. Perhaps one of the richest culinary areas of Albania is Berat province with a good variety of food and drink to choose from.

These include Berati Beef  (breaded rolled veal or pork stuffed with cheese and walnuts), nut hurdle with village chicken, Rroshnica with village chicken or bird, sour casserole with lamb or goat, casserole with green onions and lamb along with a variety of pies including mussel, lamb and chicken pies. There are also a nice variety of Berati beverages including delicious village wines and rakis made from grapes, walnuts, thane, juniper and blackberry. Castle Park restaurant strives to have any number of these available for our patrons to enjoy with their meals.

Albanian cuisine while not as well-known Italian, French, Chinese or Thai is still quite delicious and rooted deep in history. For centuries various cultures, most notably the Ottomans, but also the Romans and in more recent times the Italians, Germans and Austro-Hungarians have left their mark on traditional Albanian cuisine. Perhaps none as great as the Ottoman Empire having been here for close to 500 years. Further adding to Albanian cuisine were the spice traders from the Middle Ages who passed through Albania as it was one of the connecting trade bridges between Asia and Europe. The combination of all these influences have created a uniquely Albanian cuisine rich in flavour and tradition.

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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