Authentic Berati Cooking Class

For local and foreign tourists who are passionate about cooking and good food Hotel Castel Park offers a cooking class where you can learn to prepare some classic authentic Berati recipes. In this class you will not only learn to cook these dishes, but you will also learn about the different ingredients we buy from the farmers of the nearby villages. You can expect to have fun and learn a lot from our chefs who will share stories and information about the ingredients and recipes you’ll be preparing. To get the class relaxed and in the mood for fun and cooking welcome drinks, house wine and local cheeses will be offered. From there you’ll got into cooking the four recipes described below.

The first thing you’ll learn to prepare is the house bread Kulaçi. This centuries old bread recipe appears on every Albanian family table during special holidays. The second recipe you’ll prepare is one of the most delicious traditional dishes here in Berat, Japrak. This is made with fresh grape leaves stuffed with either rice or meat and is a Castle Park favourite amongst our guests. The third recipe is the main meat dish and is a real specialty of Berat called Berati Vejnez. Finally, you’ll get to make a very special dessert, a cake called Berat Katmari, which is wonderful to make and very tasty.

When the fun, but challenging work is complete your group will get to enjoy the fruits of its labour in a convivial atmosphere amongst friends with fantastic traditional food prepared by you. This an authentic Albanian experience that you’ll remember for a long time and will eagerly share with friends and family back home.

Price for person 60 eur

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