Cooking class with collected Asparagus from the hills, Wine tasting, visit an old house of Mangalem

An authentic Berat experience,2 days tour

Asparagus, Mangalem old house and wine tasting

In recent years a new kind of tourism has begun to appear, Experiential Tourism where the focus is on experiences rather than just services. Hotel Castle Park Berat was one of the early pioneers of Experiential Tourism in Albania together with local partners and Albania Rafting Group.

Asparagus while not cultivated by farmers and used a lot here in Berat it does grow wildly in the hills and mountains around the city. Wild asparagus is a treasure drove of vitamins like K, A, B, C as well as flavonoids and other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

This tour provides you with the opportunity to collect this healthy vegetable in the wild and the spend time with Hotel Castle Park chefs preparing a delicious asparagus-based meal.

The tour doesn’t end with asparagus collecting and a cooking experience. We also include a tour of a traditional Mangalem house and a wine tasting experience at one of Berat’s best wineries with an excellent selection of red and white wines as well as a variety of other local liquors. Since this tour is over two days there will be plenty time to do all of this without feeling rushed.

The asparagus part of the tour is available only from April to June, asparagus season. This is a weekend tour but if the demand is high, we can offer this more frequently.

Day One

-Meet at Hotel Castle Park at 9am

-Collect asparagus from the hills of a nearby village with hand crafted bags

-Learn from villagers the value of asparagus

-Back at Castle Park learn how to make pasta with asparagus

-Learn how to make steamed asparagus with lemon

-Lunch from the asparagus dishes you prepared with our chefs

-Short break

-Visit local winery

-Traditional dinner

Day Two

Organic breakfast with local products

-Visit traditional house in Mangalem and meet the owners


To know asparagus and nutritional values
To know the traditions and nature of the villages of Berat
Hiking (physical activity) during the asparagus collection process
Cooking course on how to prepare homemade pasta with asparagus
Meeting with the inhabitants of the old houses in Mangalem
Visit to the winery and wine tasting.

Things to bring with you:
Backpack, walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and a smile.

This unique experience costs only 150 eur / person

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