Our Staff

Stafi mikprites i Castle Park

Castle Park staff are a group of people passionate about the Albanian tradition of “Hospitality” where the guest is at the heart of everything they do. They were all born here in Berat and thus know the city and its traditions very well. Their pride is Berat and Berati tradition motivates them to go the extra mile in making their guests happy thus leaving them with a memorable experience at Castle Park.

All this can only come together when the person in charge is equally passionate about hospitality and service. That person is Alma Spathara, owner of Castle Park. As a child, she was raised by grandmothers who instilled the value of hospitality in her. Guests should be treated with the utmost respect and one of the best ways to show this love was through deliciously prepared Albanian and local Berati food. From them, she inherited the recipes that are the foundation of all the meals prepared at Castle Park’s restaurant. After 20 years of hospitality experience, Alma and her staff understand the importance of the tradition to sustainable tourism in Berat.

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