Slow Food Berat Community

Part of Slow Food International

Castle Park is the promoter and Co-Founder of the Slow Food Berat Community led by Alma Spathara owner of Hotel and Restaurant Castle Park. The Berat community of Slow Food aims to unite local producers with residents and tourists here in Berat who appreciate healthy traditional locally sourced food.

In Hotel Restaurant Castle Park,Berat every food prepared is delicious and healthy, produced with respect to nature and the seasons .All the local products used at our restaurant: olives, extra virgin olive oil, meat, cheese, dried figs etc support the whole production chain from cultivation to processing to finally ending up on our restaurant tables. Our pricing policy also reflects the Slow Food sustainability goal by being fair and honest with both the village producers around Berat and our guests who come to eat at Restaurant Castle Park.

To further promote and expand public awareness of Slow Food and the rich culinary tradition and heritage of Berat, Restaurant Castle Park offers special cooking classes to locals and tourists alike. We also hold activities with school students and at local fairs. Slow food is a not just a business model here at Castle Park, it is a passion and simply the way we like do food.

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