The best breakfast in Berat

At Hotel Castle Park we aim for a memorable breakfast experience traditional Berati style. Unlike other hotels where breakfast is something thrown in as a second thought serving mostly supermarket products breakfast at Hotel Castle Park is an experience people remember and talk about. It is hard to forget good food that is organically produced artisanal farmers from the Berat region.

Our breakfast is simple. We start with home-made bread of the house along with cheeses from the Berat area, and delicious goat butter from Mt. Tomor. Our eggs are fresh natural eggs with seasonal vegetables and meatballs with fresh beef. We also serve “Glycos” of Berat, which is a jam, but the shape of the fruit is preserved with the help of lime. We serve a variety of these jams.

Breakfast at Hotel Castle Park is considered by many local travel agencies, tourists and foodies who appreciate slow food as the most delicious breakfast in Berat. The only French tourist guide for Albania, Petit Futé commented: “In Hotel Restaurant Castle Park, Berat is served the best breakfast in all of Albania.”

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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