The Best Cooking Class in Berat, Albania You’ll Ever Have!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and attend a cooking class in Berat, Albania where you will learn traditional Albanian dishes and some classic authentic Berati recipes, plus where they buy their ingredients.

This cooking class is aimed at local and foreign tourists who are passionate about cooking and good food. This food experience will take place at Hotel & Restaurant Castle Park in Berat, Albania, where we will cook 4 traditional must-try dishes, meet new people and enjoy drinks, wine, and cheeses.

During this experience, we will learn how to cook the below:

  • Kulaci, a homemade bread
  • Japrak, a traditional dish in Berat, is made with fresh grape leaves stuffed with either rice or meat
  • Berati Vejnez, Berat’s specialty that is stuffed with cheese and nuts
  • Berati Katmari, a traditional cake of Berat, and is made with nuts

When we have finished cooking these traditional Berat, Albania dishes, the group will be able to enjoy them at our restaurant. We guarantee you’ll have an authentic Albanian experience you’ll never forget!

This cooking class is 60 euros per person. Book the class here.

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