Traditional Berat Food

Berat is blessed with fertile soil, good weather conditions and hard-working village farmers who produce high quality agricultural products ranging from indigenous olives, several varieties of grape, to fresh vegetables and meat. From nearby Tomori Mountain comes a unique mountain tea, medicinal herbs, natural honey and a variety of spices.

It is from these surrounding areas of Berat that Hotel Castle Park gets its ingredients for our recepies Meals at our restaurant always start off with village cheese and olives served with olive oil, the symbol of Berat. This is always accompanied by hot homemade bread and fresh white goat butter. Our side and main dishes are always traditional. We offer Japrak, a very popular dish made from grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. The stuffed eggplant, peppers and zucchini are all delicious. There is a bean casserole with dried goat meat, Fërgese made from peppers, a type of local ricotta cheese, tomatoes and sometimes liver and Pispilik made with seven types of wild cabbage. All these are quite scrumptious. For meat lovers we oven roasted lamb with seven types of spices and potatoes. Berati Beef breaded rolled veal filled with cheese and walnuts is very popular. During the winter holiday season village “Kaposh Deti (turkey) with përshesh (made with small pieces of cooked bread, herbs, turkey juice) is on offer and very tasty. Of course, no traditional meal would be complete without a traditional sweet. Our most requested sweets are jams with wild fig, katmarr or qumështor (homemade pie with cherry jam).

If you are looking for traditional Berati meals using the finest local ingredients in the season they are grown Hotel Restaurant Castle Park is where they can be found.

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

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