Yoga Retreat

Have you ever thought about taking some time off?

Berat Yoga Retreat once again offers you the opportunity to transform, to heal and to encounter. We aim to build an intercultural bridge between international and local participants. Therefore, the retreat is held in English, German and Albanian. We believe that through Yoga we deeply connect to our truest selves and to others. And eventually, we realize that we are all on this journey together.

Yoga retreat in Berat.

Hotel Castle Park in Berat surrounded by a calming forest and beautiful mountains ,located on a hill overseeing the historical city Berat in Albania (UNESCO protected) organize this amazing journey.The staff invites you to “feel more home than at home”. The Castle Park Restaurant prepares local fresh and organic – vegetarian and non-vegetarian – meals. Our host Alma Spathara is a warm-hearted Albania tourism expert that offers all kinds of exciting activities around Berat such as historic walking tours, rafting, canyon exploration, hiking and meeting locals in holy mount of Tomor,Canyoning. She is more than happy to answer all your questions and goes great lengths to make you instantly feel like part of the family.

Yoga in Berat

Retreat Schedule:
Start: Sunday, 6.9.2022, 8am
End: Saturday, 12.9.2022, 3pm

There will be a special “Harvest Wine Feast” after the retreat. You are invited to join us to Winery ÇOBO.Therefore, we recommend staying 1-2 days longer than the retreat end.

Example of a Retreat Day:
7.00: Tea
7.30: Guided Meditation
8.00: Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Asana
9.15: Himalayan Sound Healing
Free Time + Breakfast/Brunch
14.00: Yoga Therapy
Free Time + Dinner
21.00: Yin Yoga Asana or Yoga Nidra

About the organizers / teachers:

Dr. Barbara Krampitz is a certified Yoga Teacher (1000 h YTT) and Yoga Therapist. She is passionate about Yoga, traveling and intercultural exchange. Barbara practices Yoga for more than 15 years. In 2007, she joined a 3-year teacher training at the oldest Yoga School in Frankfurt AUM HARI. Since then she teaches most of the time prevention classes for health insurances, physiotherapy studios; oncological patients at a University Clinic, Certified Hormone Yoga (certified by Dina Rodriguez) for patients with diabetes. Yoga as psycho-mental practice is part of her daily life in the pharmaceutical industry as medical trainer, medical scientist and as an certified intercultural trainer and coach.

Arta Jonuzi is a certified Yoga Teacher (500 YTT) and Healing Therapist. She has a very keen interest in yoga, healing, traveling and self-improvement. Arta practices Yoga for more than 9 years. In 2015, she decided to do her 200 h Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga. In 2016, she attended her 300 h Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa. In 2017, she started her healing education. Arta works in Finance for over 10 years, while teaching Yoga for 5 years as well as offering private healing sessions for 3 years.

Sandra Ceriani is a certified Himalayan Sound Healing Therapist and Meditation Teacher 60h. She loves Yoga, music and traveling. Sandra is fascinated by the effects sounds and vibrations have on us. In 2018, while she traveled the world, she spent a few months in Nepal, where we learned all about sound healing. Since her return from Nepal, she regularly leads sound bowls sessions in Zürich.

The Retreat package includes:

7 nights accommodation
Breakfast/Brunch buffet

Dinner à la carte

Guided Meditation Sessions
Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Asana
Yoga Therapy
Hatha Asana
Yin Asana
Himalayan Sound Healing
Energy Healing Workshops
Mantra Chanting

Package Prices :
Eco Room Shared: EUR 795 or CHF 914
Eco Room Single: EUR 830 or CHF 954
Higher Standard Room Shared: EUR 865 or CHF 994
Higher Standard Room Single: EUR 999 or CHF 1’148

We are also happy to organize your airport shuttle once you inform us about your arrival. The pickup cost of EUR 50 can be shared if participants have similar arrival times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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